Black Bartok
Punk to an electronic beat
Black Bartók is the trio of Endre Minda (vocals, guitar), László Pogár (guitar) and Marcell Kovács (sampler). They formed in 2015.

Endre and László had already played together in a cult indie/alternative band called Hangmás, and for BB they decided to create music with a new approach: “We put aside the traditional rock’n roll band line-up and song-writing methods to make something different. Our music is based on the raw purity of blues mixed with the monotony of electronic music: it is built on sampler-looped guitar riffs backed up with electronic drum beats. In terms of lyrics our music is also rooted in the good old punk attitude: Our songs are about douchebags hunting lions in Africa, hungarian ghost trains traveling on gloomy Sundays, and even Belzebub himself shows up in one of them.”

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