Makrohang cleverly combines a variety of musical styles ranging from hard rock to post­bop, from jazz to hip hop, from techno to minimal and all over the board
Makrohang’s sonic world could be described as a mix of different instrumental styles cleverly structured into sonic audiovisual trips. Influences include of course jazz, but also rocking guitar sounds and heavy bass lines.

This young trio partially formed at The Liszt Ferenc Academy in Budapest, as Marcell Gyanyi (bass) and Tamas Czirjak (drums) met at the academy’s jazz program, but Gergely Nagy (guitars) and Marcell had already played together for years.

Makrohang was the first instrumental band to win the prestigious Talentometer talent contest organized by fabled venue, A38 Budapest.

The band has already toured throughout Central Europe, whilst also recorded their first full length LP in January 2016. The album is planned for release later this year.

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