Puma Danger
Puma Danger has been a purveyor of heavy riffs for the last two years
Their music is built of stern stuff. Leaning heavily towards desert-inspired stoner elements, they combine experimental song structures and heavily modulated trippy tunes. They were largely inspired by the fuzz sound of the new wave of garage rock and the Puma Danger sound is amplified by the unique voice of their singer Niccolo Cina.

Mirroring the music which demands your undivided attention, Puma Danger managed to get noticed from the very beginning.

Winning a talent show called Kikeltető organized by music blog KERET and participating in the song contest of the online news site Index.hu are among the many appraisals the band has received so far.

This homogeneous sound was first introduced on their debut EP Glass Echoes & Cozy Cabanas, followed by the critically acclaimed LP Sun Pitcher, unanimously praised by the Hungarian underground music scene. They are returning guests in the best clubs of Budapest and have already toured around Europe.

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