5 Minutes With… Áron ‘Vasaló’ (Dope Calypso)

Áron ‘Vasaló’ is the drummer in Dope Calypso. He is from Budekszi, and has lived there all his life, apart from three years spent in London, UK. Vasaló started drumming quite late in life, during his high school years. He is now one of the most experienced musicians in the Hungarian indie scene, having lined up with different bands during his career, most notably Nemjuci and Rémember. Vasaló joined Dope Calypso in 2015.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?
Garage punk rock speedy shit.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?
Ringo Starr, Ian Paiste.

Which do you prefer, studio or stage?

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
I was 20 years old and with my first band I did a drum-solo. The others thought it was a good idea to go outside the building and have a cigarette.

They just had a nice chat there and forget to come back in time so I had to do my solo for like 10 minutes or more without the slightest idea what to show for that much time, and not even knowing when they gonna come back.

That was really awful, I repeated myself 100 times! I was furious afterwards. But they were just laughing at me… as usual.

Proudest moment on stage?
2007 London KOKO (Camden palace) with Rémember – that’s a venue that is absolutely uplifting to play at, even for a british band.

Favourite summer Festival here in Hungary, and why?
This year Kolorado fesztival was the biggest pleasure, but Orfű is nice too. I really don’t like the commercial feeling at a festival so the less I sense it the more I like it.

What is your musical dream or ambition?
To be able to play a simple groove without any variation or fill for a whole song or even for a whole Album just as Ringo did on “With the Beatles” or whichone.

Which one do you prefer, fröccs or beer?
This is 100% unpredictable.

Describe your perfect summer’s day in Budapest?
28°C, no wind, rehearsal in the afternoon, and some work in the morning here and there and riding my bike between places.

Which stage/venue would you play at outside of Hungary?
Earlier i would have answered Glastonbury, Reading, Rock Am Ring and so on, but now I say I don’t care anymore, give me a nice stage with a couple of hundred people and I will feel right at home and the show will be awesome!

Do you have a favourite artist who sings in English but their native language is different? (not counting Hungarians)
Fever Ray was brilliant, Voist also. I think hellacopters-the hives-backyard babies are also great however I don’t really listen to these nowadays, I have met plenty of great little bands all around the continent.

Scientists have proved that some people feel music so strongly the sensations can be compared to sex. Can that be applied to you? Which song would you like to make your skin orgasm?
Sensations in music are much more balanced for me. On stage for some rare moments it can be paralel to an orgasm in the sense of disappearing from the real world. But that is really a rare and much appreciated grace!