5 Minutes With… Árpi Szarvas (EZ Basic)

Árpád Szarvas is a Hungarian indie musician, best known as the founding member of EZ Basic. Szarvas was influenced by bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, House of Love, Primal Scream, and Broadcast.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?
Pop music with a twist.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?
My dad used to have a band as well, so I was exposed to all kinds of musical influences in my childhood, beginning with 60s music from the Animals to the Zombies, through 70s electronica (Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, etc.) that later shaped my own musical taste, and the appetite to create something of my own. This of course coupled with the feeling of escapism and being an outsider – always useful ingredients when one decides to become a musician or form a band.

Which do you prefer, studio or stage?

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
No embarrassing moments, only funny and WTF ones, e.g. when our stage was invaded by a dog at a festival in Slovakia once.

Proudest moment on stage?
Playing in Budapest Arena (supporting Placebo).

Favorite summer Festival here in Hungary, and why?
After all these years it’s still Sziget festival. Too many favorite moments, seeing many bands that were a huge influence on our music.

What is your musical dream or ambition?
Recording songs in a way I exactly hear them in my head – never happened so far and I doubt it ever will.

What do you prefer, fröccs or beer?

Describe your perfect summer’s day in Budapest?
Going for a swim in the morning after a long sleep, having an outdoor lunch with friends and family, going for a long trip or picnic in the Buda hills far from the hectic city, staying in for a few hours chilling, reading or watching movies, and when the Sun goes down going out with friends in downtown, getting lost in the night.

Which stage/venue would you play at outside of Hungary?
Anywhere, as long as there was an enthusiastic crowd eager to come and see us.

Do you have a favourite artist who sings in English but their native language is different? (not counting Hungarians)
Too many to mention. I like a lot of Scandinavian bands and artists singing in English.

Scientists have proved that some people feel music so strongly the sensations can be compared to sex. Can that be applied to you? Which song would you like to make your skin orgasm?
Of course, my day job is a music editor, meaning I listen to music almost 24/7, which almost feels like I was born with a chronic skin orgasm. The first song that ever made my skin orgasm was when I was 3 years old (Blondie – Heart of Glass) and the last song that did was only a few moments ago, but it still lasts (AM & Shawn Lee – Somebody Like You).