5 Minutes With… Eniko Hodosi (Manoya)

Enikő Hodosi is the singer and main songwriter behind the band Manoya. She is originally from Sarkad, and has been living in Budapest for over 10 years. Enikő was previously in bands such as Neo and Occam, before forming Manoya. They released their first album, Hundred Arms, in 2012.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?
Silky bed-linen…

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?
Music inspired itself, and all the things I never wanted to be.

Which do you prefer, studio or stage?
Studio, studio, stage, studio, stage. This kind of ratio fits me the best.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Very early memory, way back from grammar school times. We were rehearsing for a dancing-singing show as a part of the yearly Students’ Week. I got so blindly enthusiastic that as i was dancing near the edge of the stage, i suddenly fell off it at a point and finished my part 1 meter lower in altitude than my mates.
I surely made everyone laugh…

Proudest moment on stage?
When people come out of the blue and start singing my lyrics loudly with a smile or even tears on their faces. That is an amazing and touching feeling.

Favorite summer Festival here in Hungary, and why?
Művészetek Völgye, Bakony, Ozora, Sun, Kolorádó… Close to nature festivals with bearable music, where I do not have to think wheather I should dance freely or not…

What is your musical dream or ambition?
To write symphonic music. It would mean that I finally get to play an instrument properly!
Also, to get the chance to play my music or sing it in a good theatre one day…

Which do you prefer, fröccs or beer?
Fröccs nowadays.

Describe your perfect summer’s day in Budapest.
Morning yoga at home, coffee and breakfast on the way to the rehearsal place, being late, because coffee is too good to drink it quickly, and also, it makes me write some lyrics on the spot… Helping the elderly on the way down to the metro, watching people and realizing that i am lucky to have everything I REALLY need right now. Practicing new songs for several hours, arriving at good conclusions in music and having thought-provoking conversations with my wonderful band-mates, getting exciting news from our manager, reading a good book on the way back to a house with a garden (i don’t yet have;), and spending the rest of the day with my family, maybe playing badminton or swimming in a lake nearby. Having a warm evening with a light breeze that brings the voices of nature among us…
And I almost forgot: having dark-chocholate in my pocket and not letting it melt!

Which stage/venue would you play at outside of Hungary?
Whereever, really, as long as I enjoy what I do and also, people enjoy what they get from me.

Do you have a favourite artist who sings in English but their native language is different? (not counting Hungarians)
Emiliana Torrini from Iceland. She speaks and sings very sweetly, I really love her heartfelt songs as well. We met some years ago and also have a picture together too!

Scientists have proved that some people feel music so strongly the sensations can be compared to sex. Can that be applied to you? Which song would you like to make your skin orgasm?
That sensation happens a lot to me, yes. Different kinds of music can do that, from Eric Satie to Radiohead.