5 Minutes With… Niccoló Cina (Puma Danger)

Niccoló Cina is the vocalist and guitarist in Puma Danger. He is originally from Kecskemét, and has been living in Budapest for the last years. Niccoló sang in different garage bands while attending high school. He met the drummer of his current band in one of his earlier project called mirrorinside. He later started to play the guitar and writing songs for a new project, which came to life in 2014 as Puma Danger.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?
Fuzz and shifting realities.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?
Lenny Kravitz.

Which do you prefer, studio or stage?

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
I wore boots during a concert and then realised that I couldn’t swich my pedals properly.

Proudest moment on stage?
We had a gig in London, at the Dublin Castle. The Arctic Monkeys’ and Blurs first london gigs were there too, and Amy Winehouse used to be a bartender. It felt great to play there.

Favorite summer Festival here in Hungary, and why?
Kolorado. Best atmosphere, close to Budapest.

What is your musical dream or ambition?
To play international festivals, and be on the road as much as we can.

Which do you prefer, fröccs or beer?
I prefer weed.

Describe your perfect summer’s day in Budapest.
Sleep till noon, but party till the morning.

Which stage/venue would you play at outside of Hungary?
It would be great to play on a sandy beach in Italy.

Do you have a favourite artist who sings in English but their native language is different? (not counting Hungarians)
Acid Baby Jesus.

Scientists have proved that some people feel music so strongly the sensations can be compared to sex. Can that be applied to you? Which song would you like to make your skin orgasm?
Absolutely! Allah-Las – Werewolf.