5 Minutes With… Sonya Korbucz

Sonya Korbucz is the singer and songwriter in the band Sonya. She first picked up a guitar at the age of 7. The music bug hit her hard, and she got involved in the metal scene at the age of 14, joining a nu-metal band. She then formed or became a member of a series of metal bands for the next years, but at the same time showed her musical dexterity, working with classical guitar, orchestras, and making songs with musicians such as Norbert Kristof. The band Sonya finally allowed her to record and release songs she had been writing throughout her career, starting with the striking Kitchenfloor.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?
melancholic, extension, cold-warm, feelings.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?
My classical guitar teacher and the music I was listening to.

Which do you prefer, studio or stage?

Proudest moment on stage?
First time I saw people singing my lyrics.

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party? Why?
The people who are close to me. Eating together is very personal I like to do it with my beloved ones.

Where is the best place in the Hungarian countryside to watch the autumn colors?
Börzsöny mountain for sure!

What is your musical dream or ambition?
I am sure some of the audience can really understand the feelings or emotions we’d like to share, I think we could give hope too in many fields.

Which one do you prefer, mulled wine or beer?
Mulled wine with less sugar please! There’s no place in Budapest where you wouldnt get sugar rush from one single cup. I am not a beer person though.

Which stage/venue would you play at outside of Hungary?

Now that winter is approaching quickly, which beach anywhere in the world would you like to play a gig on?
Any beach.

If you could choose one of your songs for an Olympic ice dancing routine, which one would it be and why?
‘Krypta’ I think. I can imagine a choreography for that one.

Describe your perfect autumn’s day in Budapest!
I should use my time machine for that! Circa 1890-1910

Scientists have proved that some people feel music so strongly the sensations can be compared to sex. Can that be applied to you? Which song would you like to make your skin orgasm?
haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXmbOUutXT0